The Mayerling Tragedy shakes the world! Crown Prince Rudolf’s last love returns as ‘The Last Kiss’
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Impeccable masterpiece, ‘The Last Kiss’ A grand production of sensational drama and gem of melodies. Beautiful impressionist stage!  Majestic love story that will immerse this year-end!”


“It’s better to end it all, then to die a little every day”
Year 1888 in Vienna, nobles are gathered in a stylish theater for a glamorous party. Crown Prince Rudolf is in despair at the burdensome arranged marriage, continuous surveillance and scheme of the entourage, father who never accepts him and mother who is never around. Meanwhile, Mary Vetsera has to save her family from economic crisis by marrying Braganza who is in love with her; however, she adores ‘Julius Felix’ who cries out for freedom in his editorials.  Well into the party, a girl commits suicide. Crown Prince Rudolf and Mary Vetsera encounter each other for the first time. Rudolf can’t erase the daring look of Mary Vetsera that seemed to blame him for the incident. Before long, they meet again at the newspaper room which has been ruined by Taffe. In that moment, Mary realizes that Crown Prince Rudolf is in fact ‘Julius Felix’ whom she adored. They fall in love and their world turns upside down…”but is thrown into danger as her disguise is exposed...

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Terms & Conditions

1. Purchase of tickets is available from 1hr before the start of the show.
2. The show is not appropriate for children under the age of 8.
3. When arriving after the start of the show, you may be guided to an appropriate seat instead of your original seat.
4. All photo/video/voice recordings that have not been agreed upon in advance are prohibited, including the curtain call.
5. Discounts up to 4 tickets using Mastercard cards issued outside of Korea.
6. This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion or discount.
7. Other conditions can be applied.


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